Humanity in Action Fellowship

The Humanity in Action Fellowship brings together international groups of university students and recent graduates to explore national histories of discrimination and resistance, as well as examples of issues affecting different minority groups today. Fellows participate in intensive four-week educational programs located in cities across Europe and the United States, with approximately 20 local and international students in each program. Each program provides a site-specific curriculum for understanding the historical and cultural context in which challenges to pluralism and liberal democracy occur. The programs feature lectures and discussions with researchers, journalists, politicians, activists, and artists, as well as site visits to government agencies, non-profit and community organizations, museums, and cultural and memorial sites. The goal of these programs is to foster cross-cultural understanding and an appreciation of different perspectives and approaches for assessing past and contemporary social justice issues. After the four-week on-site educational programs, Fellows return to their countries to develop and implement Action Projects to address social justice issues in their own communities.


Application Deadline: Early January

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled undergraduate students from the US or at US-based colleges and universities (sophomores, juniors and seniors); or
  • Recent graduates (for the 2019 Fellowship, we define recent graduates as individuals from the undergraduate classes of 2017 and 2018 at accredited, four-year undergraduate colleges or universities in the United States); or
  • Currently enrolled, second-year community college students who plan to continue their secondary education; or
  • Currently enrolled Masters and PhD students at US-based universities